Alles Ret


  • Book design and layout

Alles Ret (The Right to Food) is a book by photographer Jens Honore and the non-profit association JunkFood, founded by Rasmus Munk, chef and co-owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Alchemist.

JunkFood cooks for the most vulnerable and homeless people in Copenhagen, and Alles Ret was part of an exhibition focusing on homeless people and the importance of food.

The project came about as a response to the increasing number of homeless people in Denmark, a majority of which don't have access to a daily hot meal - something that should be a human right in a country as affluent as Denmark.

Photographer Jens Honore reached out to JunkFood to approach the subject with dignity and plead the case for giving homeless people access to a free daily meal.

Studio C contributed to the project by designing the book and several exhibitions in Copenhagen.

The book presents honest portraits of the homeless and tells their stories about what food means to them, their best meal, what it's like to go to bed hungry and how having access to a daily hot meal helps them get healthier and stabilized in an otherwise stressful life. It makes life easier and reduces conflicts.

All organisations who contributed to this project have offered their services pro bono.

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