Bang & Olufsen, Sound Matters


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Sound Matters is a magazine published by Bang & Olufsen focusing on sound and music culture, as well as art and events. It is produced quarterly and is accompanied by an podcast produced by Tim Hinman from Third Ear. We have photographed a wide range of people for both the magazine and digital media such as musician August Rosenbaum, the crew from CPH:DOX and sound designer Peter Albrechtsen. The images convey the essence of what captivates and drives each person in his or her respective field, while maintaining an editorial and contemporary context, whether it be within film, music or sound.

Musician & composer August Rosenbaum. CPH:DOX's Tine Fischer, Mads Mikkelsen, Niklas Engstrøm & Adam Thorsmark. Tonmeister at Bang & Olufsen, Neo Kaplanis. Sound designer, music supervisor & writer Peter Albrechtsen. Third Ear podcast, Tim Hinman
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