CHART website


  • Digital design
  • Development
  • UX design

Studio C designed the new website for CHART Art Fair with the ambition to build a digital platform for editorial content about art and architecture. CHART Art Fair is a three-day art event in Copenhagen in August with the leading galleries in the region, young talent programmes, an art book fair and a vast live programme of talks, performances, films and music.

With the new website, CHART has created an engaging online community that helps them expand their presence and reach an international audience all year long. It gives CHART a platform for ongoing editorial releases and online activities before, during, and after the art fair in August.
The UX design is intuitive and straightforward, providing users with multiple options for engaging with the content. Each gallery has a section displaying its artists and work.
The digital design follows CHART’s identity design. The blur effect is set in motion to create a dynamic element that references abstract art while stimulating the users’ imagination.

With the new digital platform, CHART Art fair has transformed from a single event in Copenhagen in August to a vibrant global destination for art all year long. Building on Copenhagen’s strongholds of art, design, and architecture, they explore artistic crossovers and bring the arts community together in all its diversity.

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