Code/Selected Art Fair 16


  • Brand Identity

Art Copenhagen prides itself of being the oldest and most prominent organiser of art fairs in Copenhagen. In order to accommodate the more segmented art audiences of the future, the organisers split the original fair in two: Selected Art Fair, representing traditional art, and Code Art Fair, representing contemporary art. The two fairs continue to share communication, but each element is represented with an emphasis on either Selected or Code. When communicating this new fair structure, a new identity and language was needed. Like the art they represent, Art Copenhagen needed a voice and style that would get their recipients to pause, reflect and ask questions. The identity is based on the fact that art and society are mirrors for one another. The identity captures this reversed image and the reflection; it becomes a visual identity that utilises and visualises the instruments of art through the most straightforward tools.

→ Creative Circle Gold award, 2017

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