David Lynch for Bang & Olufsen, Sound Matters


  • Photography

David Lynch is one of the most iconic and celebrated film directors of his time. The creator of series and films such as Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet has placed him as a unique director with fans worldwide. Over the last few years, David Lynch has worked with Bang & Olufsen to create artwork for some of B&O’s most iconic speakers, including the A9 and the M5. Bang & Olufsen’s award winning podcast series Sound Matters recently travelled to Los Angeles to meet and interview the director about creativity and transcendental meditation. We travelled with them to photograph and film the acclaimed director, capturing the Lynch universe. Not only did we film David Lynch in his own home, but also in locations around Los Angeles used in his films and TV shows. Listen to the full podcast here: L.A. Transcendental with David Lynch

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