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A refreshed identity for a nordic media powerhouse

Founded in 1878, Egmont began as a daring venture by a young man and his printing press, with a mission that continues over 140 years later with the promise– “We bring stories to life.”

Egmont’s stories are important to both individuals and society. They touch the heart, enlighten, educate, inspire, and advocate for change. At the same time, the organisation supports children and youth at risk.

Studio C played a pivotal role in Egmont’s brand transformation, crafting a narrative that captures the essence of the company across all business areas. We worked with Egmont's existing logotype to create a refreshed brand identity. The new expression reflects Egmont’s values and solid business performance, as well as in a new user-friendly and engaging website.

As a platform for highlighting high-quality and diverse content, the identity is a celebration of the creative process. Stories are brought to life in real time through strong animation and layout principles.

Core visual elements include a typographic identity that references the business’ rich heritage in print, activated with a modern attitude. A palette of fixed colour pairs allows for appropriate expression in every situation, from the boardroom to the billboard.

An honest documentary image style captures the heart and strength of Egmont—its products and the people that bring these stories to life.

Photography: Kasper Løftgaard, Lukas Morio
Content copyright: Egmont and its subsidiaries

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