• Purpose
  • Brand story
  • Motion design
  • Website
  • Commitments
  • Positioning
  • Communications platform
  • Brand Architecture
  • Bespoke Typeface
  • Annual Report
  • Spatial design
  • Social Media content
  • Digital Brand Centre
  • Ongoing support and implementation

Since Galderma exited Nestlé to become an independent brand in 2019, it has established itself as a global company with more than 5000 employees.

We helped Galderma create a powerful purpose, strong brand communications and a premium brand identity design to match their ambitions, to become the leading dermatology company in the world.

With a unique heritage and decades of cutting-edge innovation, Galderma is the only company solely dedicated to skin. They understand the impact healthy skin can have on a person’s quality of life. That’s the message embedded in their new purpose: advancing dermatology for every skin story.

Galderma is creating a new type of affordable luxury dermatology products backed by cutting-edge science. This is reflected in the new brand identity design, which redefines what pharma and healthcare branding can look like. It feels premium quality. It communicates the science. And it conveys the human side of Galderma and its work in dermatology.

We created a bespoke serif typeface, custom logotype and minimalistic design to convey Galderma’s heritage and reputation for quality. The precision in all design elements reflects the scientific nature of the company. Galderma’s genuine care for every skin story shows through the real-people imagery, natural elements, and warm, soft secondary colours.

The new identity has been applied across Galderma’s touchpoints, from the company website to spatial design, stationery, annual reports, social media and motion graphics.

Galderma has thousands of employees in more than 100 countries and a portfolio that spans aesthetics, consumer care, and prescription medicine. The company needed a tool to make sure that the brand experience was consistent across markets and easy to implement locally.

That’s why we helped Galderma build a digital brand center. It helps the team tell the story of Galderma and hosts all brand and design assets, including guidelines for how to apply them.

The digital brand centre helps all employees and global partners create the unique Galderma brand experience in every single touchpoint.

“Today, the Galderma brand is re-energized and enables us to accelerate our transformation, thanks to our focus on building and strengthening our corporate identity. It truly reflects our bold ambition to become the world’s leading dermatology company and creates value by generating customer excitement and increased stakeholder engagement.”

— Flemming Ørnskov, M.D., MPH, CEO of Galderma
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