Golden Days 1989


  • Visual Identity

The Golden Days Festival is an annual event in Copenhagen. Each year with a new theme within the area of culture and history. In 2019 – 30 years after the fall of the Berlin wall – the theme was 1989. The festival payed a tribute to the year of 1989 – a year that changed history and the year where Europe was reunited and set free. The festival zoomed in on life in 1989 and on what happened to the dreams.

Studio C designed the entire identity and campaign for the festival. This included films, posters, SoMe content, event materials and web design. The design evoked a feeling of being back in 1989, and present at the events that took place. The typography used across all applications was similar to the authentic typography used on signs in Berlin in 1989. The image style was documentary and we used press photos from real events to bring people closer to the events. Posters reproducing signs from Berlin in 1989 was distributed all over Copenhagen and a special campaign with events in Copenhagen replicated the experience of crossing the border between East and West Berlin.

→ Creative Circle Gold Winner, 2020

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