Golden Days På landet


  • Implementation
  • Visual Identity
  • Art direction
  • Festival identity

In Denmark, you're never too far from a field. Despite this, we still talk a lot about the overwhelming differences between the countryside and the city and between people in the countryside and people in the city. But is the contrast really so great? Or is it just a persistent and clichéd myth?

In 2023, Golden Days explored the countryside as a phenomenon, narrative, place, and battleground for life’s values. They cultivated humanity's paradoxical relationship with nature as they delved into cultural history's poetic and harsh depictions of rural life. The program also explored how rural life has always been romanticised by authenticity-craving city dwellers.

Studio C created the visual identity for the Golden Days Festival 2023. The design was built around vibrant illustrations that playfully and humorously merged rural and urban life. Klara Graah crafted all the illustrations.

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