Golden Days ANTIKKEN


  • Implementation
  • Festival identity

In 2021, the Golden Days festival dived into Antiquity (‘Antikken’ in Danish) and more than a thousand years of world history from 700 B.C. to 480 A.D A cornerstone for our modern world and a time with essential thinkers that keep shaping our understanding of people, power, culture and aesthetics.

The festival identity takes its cue from Golden Day’s democratic design system with Times as the primary typeface adding a subtle reference to the Greek alphabet. Yellow was one of the four colours praised in ancient Greek culture and is used as the primary colour.

The images portray the past and the presence and a wide range of modern-day events influenced by the Age of Antiquity. From Nike to democratic institutions, and statues to athletes they remind us of the impact the Ancient Era still has on our lives today.

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