Karo Pharma


  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Sound design
  • Design implementation
  • Brand story
  • Identity design

Over the past years, Karo Pharma has been through substantial change to become one of the leading companies in everyday healthcare. We helped them articulate their values and core purpose – to provide ‘Smart choices for everyday healthcare’. Working closely with the team at Karo Pharma, we built a strong brand narrative expressed through an entirely new brand identity.

The new brand identity for Karo Pharma is based on unique design elements and a simplicity that encapsulates the company’s purpose and values. The words, images and videos we use reflect the real lives of the people who use Karo Pharma's products. With bright colors, organic shapes, and relatable images we convey the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic mindset of Karo Pharma, while at the same time showing genuine care for people’s health and well-being.

“We have accelerated our growth agenda and seen our share price increase by 50% in 18 months since our collaboration with Studio C. This would not have been possible without their contributions. Studio C engaged our organisation and worked hands-on with teams across functions and countries to capture our essence. This helped us build a platform, set a direction for our growth agenda, and create a clear profile of the external world, partners, customers, and healthcare professionals."

— Christoffer Lorenzen, CEO of Karo Pharma
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