• Visual Identity

In recent years, we have an increase in global interest in gastronomy. It has become a an aspiration among many people to eat good food made by the best chefs in the world. The Michelin Guide is still the world's leading guide in registering restaurants and developing an environment to push gastronomy forward. In 2015, film director Rasmus Dinesen made a film showcasing some of the best restaurants in the world, according to the Michelin guide. The film follows prominent cooks and others in the industry to uncover what lies behind the ambitions of achieving a Michelin star. The visual identity consists of a poster series and a visual language that uses graphical elements from iconography and pictograms from The Michelin Guide. Each poster or element makes use of descriptive pictograms that are also used by reviewers when they grade the restaurants in the guide.

→ Creative Circle Gold award, 2018

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