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In Denmark, we have more statues of animals than women. Of the 101 named statues in Copenhagen, 26 are of animals, 70 of men, and only 6 depict women. The raison d'être for the Golden Days Festival 2022 “50 QUEENS” was to shine a light on the overlooked 'queens' of Danish history.

The 50th anniversary of her majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was an obvious occasion to empower the uncelebrated women of Denmark. "Kongens Nytorv" (King's Square) in Copenhagen was renamed "Dronningens Nytorv" (Queen's Square) as part of an art installation shedding light on the systematic dominance of men in Danish cultural history. The installation itself was drawn by BIG and consisted of 50 pedestals of women from Danish history.

Studio C was behind the visual identity design for the Golden Days Festival 2022 which included the named art installation and more than 200 other events held all over Copenhagen.

Just like the Queens festival, the design empowers great female work. Both the design and the typeface were created by female designers.

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